sonajhuri 16- baul- 2015

Sonajhuri-Part 2 : The Musical ‘Bauls’ And The Weekly Fair

The train reached Bolpur station in West Bengal, India just in time for breakfast. The weather was comfortably cold. The entire gang pounced on the first tea seller we came across. As for me – nothing wrong with tea – just that I feel irritated holding anything hot in my hand. Tea is generally served in minuscule cups in the roadside shacks of India. I am constantly weary the liquid may just spill over and burn my hands. Well then again, I am also one of those who feel scared of putting a switch on or off. In my mind I have gotten electrocuted a million times.

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Sonajhuri-Part 1: The Shingles, The Plan and The Mad Drive To The Station

Generally people cringe and cry when they suffer from a painful disease, particularly diseases which may leave a scar. My case was different. Before consulting the doctor I had googled my symptoms and the Almighty Internet had made me believe I would die within a month. So, when I was diagnosed with the Herpes Zoster (Shingles) – a curable disease, it didn’t bother me much. I was extremely happy to know it wasn’t life threatening and I would be alive. Continue reading


Exploring Kausani

The bus had been honking for quite some time now. I am in the northern fringes of India and the big plan of this day was to travel from Chaukori to Kausani. I hopped aboard and the vehicle started rolling down the hills. It crossed the farms, villages, huts, shacks and finally stopped in the town of Bageshwar for a break. Continue reading


Escape to the Moonland: Ladakh

I was sipping coffee in the cold crisp winter morning in my hometown, when a grain of sand came floating and comfortably settled in my hot drink. The sand rekindled a cherished memory of the year 2012-The year when I had traveled to Ladakh. It is hard to describe its allure in words. Located in the northern tip of India, Ladakh flaunts a purely central Asian landscape. Let’s take a virtual journey through the ‘Moon Mountains’. Continue reading